Our Swims

Weather and wind dependent, there are several swimming options on Flathead Lake.  There are also several spectacular places to visit (like Glacier National Park).

We will swim in the best locations Flathead Lake has to offer with crystal clear waters, gorgeous scenery, and wonderful SWIMMING!  Based upon YOUR goals, we'll work on open water swimming technique including sighting, pacing, and stroke work.

"Clean, swimmable open water is my passion, and a portion of ALL of our proceeds go toward clean water initiatives on Flathead Lake."  In 2017, we are exited to announce our collaboration with the University of Montana's Flathead Lake Biological Research Station and the Confederated Salish & Kootenai Tribes on THE SWIM GUIDE project to sample and monitor the recreational water quality of Polson's designated swim beaches.  Our goal is to prevent water-borne illnesses from open water swimming.

Bring a swimsuit, of course, and goggles!  We can provide plenty of towels.  As the water and air temperature fluctuate even during the warmest months, it is advisable to bring a wetsuit (if you are so inclined) and warm clothing for the evenings.  Please bring your own swimming equipment (fins, buoys, paddles, etc.):  We may have some of equipment on hand, but you know what fits YOU the best.

Swimming Options

SALISH POINT:  Ideal for training and video analysis

BIRD ISLAND:  One-mile loop with many satellite islands to explore

CEDAR ISLAND:  2-Mile swim around Montana's most expensive real estate

FLATHEAD RIVER:  4-mile swim with famous Rope-Swing and A-Frame Jump

WILD HORSE ISLAND:  8-Mile swim around "Island State Park" with abundant wildlife

CHASING THE GRIZZLY:  15-Mile lake crossing following the path of 2010 Grizzly Bear

FLATHEAD LAKE MONSTER:  28-Mile length-wise crossing of Flathead Lake

FLATHEAD LAKE BEAST:  80-Mile circumnavigation of Flathead Lake (never attempted)

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